Hi everyone and specially my Athletes.  My name is Norman Cork and I am 24 years old.   I am an Athlete and wish to share my experience with MyProteins with all of your, which also offer 50% Off MyProtein Discount Code.

I am the only son of my parents and my father is also an Athlete.  From the childhood, I saw him at gym or at parks, jogging for hours, to keep himself fit and smart,  Like every other son, I admire my father and he was my ideal and it become my passion, from my early days, to be a good Athlete and represents my State.

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Besides studies, my only hobby and passion is Gym and I wanted to be a Star as soon as possible.  However, God has some other plans.   One fine day, when I was coming back to home from my cycling exercise, I had an accident and I fell down from a hill.   I was extremely critical and for the two days, I was in coma.  When I first opened my eyes, I saw my parents tearing and surrounded me like a new born baby.   My father told me that I was hit by a car and I fell down from the top hill and the rescue team had rescued me after 12 hours search operations.

I was admitted for a month in the hospital, and lost 24 pounds in just one month.  The Doctors have advised rest for almost 3 months and restrict me from any gym or exercise.   I can feel the pain of losing my passion more than the pain of inner body.  My home is now become more of a hospital and when I saw my parents, it hurts me more.    My only activity is just to watch TV or surfing on Net.  

On a week end, while surfing, I saw an page named MyProtein discount code 50% off” which looks interesting to me and I start reading more and more of it .   My intuition tells me that I get a urgent remedy to my present condition.    The more I get into details, the more I am excited, as I need maximum proteins and vitamins in me, to recover earliest.

The next day, I order the Sports Nutrition Pack which can increase my Proteins and re-build and repair my tissues.   My order was received the next day and I start taking Proteins as per the guidelines provided, besides the medicines and feel a new energy in me.    I wanted to be on my toes as early as possible and start my Athletic soon.  

After having the Nutrition for one month, I called for the Athletes Proteins and after 15 days of the usage, I became able to stand up and start walking.   Parents were surprised, as the doctors has told me 3 months bed rest, and I start walking after 1 and a half month.  

With the help of MyProtein, I am now able to start all my gym and exercise after only 03 months and now am waiting for the Inter-State Events next year.

Thank you MyProtein for making me fit again.

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