While buying appliances for your kitchen, there are a number of questions which pop up in your mind before you are firm in making a decision, obviously you don’t want your money and the time spent in buying to go in vain. When it comes to electrical appliances, a blender has now become a necessity in each and every kitchen. The most common factors which buyers seek to make a decision now a days are:

  • Durability of the machine
  • Cost efficiency
  • Environment friendly(does it make too much noise in the case of blenders)
  • Warranty
  • Ease of functionality

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 The answer to all these questions in a single word is Vitamix. Vitamix is a highly recommended brand which is famous for its manufactured blenders commonly used by numerous food chains all around the US. By providing you with a wide range of features it enables you to perform your task in a swift manner. Moreover from peanut butter to waffles you can make anything you desire expeditiously.

Features:(Vitamix 7500)

Vitamix 7500 is the newly inducted top of the line variant blender which comes with a standard 64 oz blending jug which is enough to fulfill your needs. It is powered with a robust motor producing power of around 2.2 horsepower (hp) which blends at a frequency of 37,000 rotations per minute. Talking about its composition, its cooling fans make it easier for running it for longer periods while its sharp edged aircraft graded blades are enough to handle tough ingredients so that the consumer can enjoy his intended outcome.

This series also comes with a noise control system which diminishes noise upto 40% as compared to the previous models. With the addition of a drop of dishwashing soap and water the self-cleaning mode enables you to see the blender cleaned up in about a minute. The tampers installed in the blender allow it to remove air pockets so that optimum pressure can be obtained while the machine is running

  • Control panel: the control panel consists of a 10 variable speed control system which allows you to work faster than ever.
  • Aircraft graded blades: the four inch aircraft graded blades make it easy for blending or chopping hard substances.
  • Perfect size: its perfect size enables you to fit its jug in a normal kitchen cabinet, this feature also helps in making less vibration.
  • Self cleaning mode: One of the most desired features in modern day kitchen appliances is the self cleansing mode which saves both time and resources.

Warranty: Most importantly you can now relax for seven years as Vitamix assures you of all sorts of technical support during this period, however, by using the blender carefully it can even last upto several more years than the warranty period.

Money well spent:

As Vitamix assures you of quality and high standard, you will not regret spending your precious money on such a value added product, as at the end of the day quality is the thing which matters.

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